Poem, As The Earth Bleeds!~Or, We Need To Notice The Profits On The Wind And Remove The Earths IV!~

As the Earth bleeds


Oil seeps from its core, smothering life

Our needs come before everything

Our needs move in circles where money rules

Our needs place us up above all else

Our needs cause the Earth to bleed

Our needs smothers and drowns

Every living thing in oil and blood

Our needs are not what we think











Our needs, would we notice

Our needs are killing the planet


And ask yourself

                          What do you really want?

As the Earth bleeds


~ Question: What’s wrong with using wind and solar energy? When will life take a front seat to profit?
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27 thoughts on “Poem, As The Earth Bleeds!~Or, We Need To Notice The Profits On The Wind And Remove The Earths IV!~”

  1. What a BEAUTIFUL , relevant post, Gerardine.
    I was just reading about the oil spills again and how it is now such a threat to more if not all…
    You did such a graceful and marvelous job.
    love this so much! love you more.
    Mine is here
    Happy Sensational Wednesday!

  2. I agree with the lovely Shakira this is VERY relevant and needs to be said time and time again, u have outdone yourself this time dearest, you are a very good writer and we are very lucky to have you, BRAVO.. give my pal a biccy lol xxx

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