Run, Run As Fast As You Can! You Can’t Catch Me I’m The Sanosuke Man!~ Or, Drop That Meat!~

A migraine followed me around all day.  It lifted slightly around dinnertime. That’s when I started hunting out something to eat. In the freezer I found one steak.  We have plenty of ice cubes and some chicken, but only one steak left. To defrost it quickly I set it on a plate and slipped it into the microwave. 

 I walked out of the kitchen and came back two minutes later; Sanosuke was climbing over the microwave. He wanted that steak. I gave him a hug and set him on the floor and removed the steak from the microwave and set the plate on the counter.

I started fussing around the kitchen; I pulled out the frying pan and grabbed an onion. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Sanosuke silently jump on the counter. As I turned towards him, he grabbed the steak and jumped from the counter. When I yelled, he held his head up high, so the steak wasn’t dragging on the floor and ran faster down the hall.  Michael spotted him and instead of stopping Sanosuke he started laughing. Without hesitating, Sanosuke raced into our bedroom.  I was right behind him and grabbed him just before he dragged my dinner under the bed.

Michael was still laughing when I came out of the bedroom. I held the steak out of reach of Sanosuke who followed behind me complaining loudly.

Sanosuke sat on the counter and watched me cook the steak and potatoes with onions. I sliced a tomato and added some corn to the plate. I carefully sliced the steak into strips.

By this time I had three cats watching me.  One sat on the kitchen chair the other on the floor. Sanosuke stayed on the counter and glared at me.

I announced to the frowning cats.  “Alright guys! You can all have one piece, no more.”

They all stood up, tails flipping and watched as I slowly sliced up a small piece for each of them into tiny cat bites. I gave them each their own plates. Then I took my food and went into the living room.

Ooops!  I forgot my napkin. I got up and went into the kitchen for two seconds. I wasn’t looking for Sanosuke; I assumed he was still in the kitchen eating his piece of meat.

What I didn’t see was Sanosuke hiding under the table waiting for his chance. When I got up, he quickly jumped on the table and started eating, fast! 

“Bad Kitty!”  I yelled when I saw him with his face in my food.

 Within those few seconds he ate a lot!  I was left with two small pieces of steak. Sanosuke had raced out of the room when I yelled.  He knew he did something wrong, but he was just having such a good time he didn’t care.

PJ in the meantime, slipped up from under the table and quickly grabbed one piece of steak and slipped back under the table. When I bent down to check on him, Sanosuke reappeared and grabbed the last piece and raced off down the hall again.

I ate the rest of my dinner in peace.

They even stole the piece of fat I left in the pan for Uriah..

Michael wouldn’t stop laughing. I yelled at him. “If you thought it was so funny, then while Sano was running around the house with my dinner, why didn’t you grab the camera?   

He answered, “It was just as funny yesterday when he grabbed your salmon.” Michael picked up Sanosuke, and rubbed his tummy.” Hey little guy!  What’s for dinner tomorrow?”

I think its time to become a vegetarian:-)


 Cat picture is from Microsoft’s Word clip art

16 thoughts on “Run, Run As Fast As You Can! You Can’t Catch Me I’m The Sanosuke Man!~ Or, Drop That Meat!~”

  1. Reminds me of the time my step-mother was making dinner at our house. She was taking apart a chicken and carefully placed the cooked dark meat in a bowl on the counter next to her (4 feet off the ground?).

    Our dog Maggie watched as she turned her head, jumped up on hind paws (she was half basset hound and terribly short, but long) and grabbed every last bite out of the bowl. The dog toddled off, Gretchen turned back…and her dinner was gone…don’t think she has ever forgotten that one!

  2. Sorry my friend but I am with Michael that is just too funny. I do feel bad for you however for not being able to enjoy the last steak.

  3. Hahahahahahahaha…Oh my dear…
    Poor you… but you know…why you love them…they are so entertaining…keeps you young…
    you can always get any other food but not cats..right?

    I just want to share that..
    one of the MAIN reason I married Mr. Shakira is because he has two cats, a dog and a rabbit. I am so grateful to have the insights…if a man can come home all stressed out and still treat his animals decently, says a lot about that man , right?


    1. Shakira,
      You are correct. A person man or woman who loves animals is a keeper. They have more patience and love to give. We are very lucky to have such wonderful husbands. Give him a big hug and have a wonderful Day!

  4. The way you told the story made it so funny. I really enjoyed reading it and laughed all the way through it. I could see clear pictures in my head of Sanosuke stealing your steak. I laughed until my stomach hurt. I was feeling down with my husband being in the hospital, and I miss him not home at nights so bad, but God sent me your story about Sanosuke to put sunshine into my day. Thank you and give Sanosuke a great big hug for me. Also you are right my friend too much meat isn’t good for us. I have change my diet to healthy, and I do eat some meat but very little. I have gone now 10 days without coffee and sodas. I feel so much better.

    1. Viola,
      I said a prayer for you and your husband.

      I am so glad my story made you laugh. Our pets can do such crazy things. They love to hear laughter.

      I need to cut down on my sugar. when I stop drinking Coffee I get such bad headaches and drag for days.

      Have a wonderful day!

  5. hahhaha this has got to be the best one yet, lol, cant even have something to eat without the guys getting in on the action, u make me laugh, after all that u probably never enjoyed the meal LOL, very funny, and thanks dear for all your kind comments on my blog always gratefully received xxx

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