A Little Gardening On Mother’s Day!~ Or, Zombie Potatoes Are Invading My Garden!~

Today, Mothers Day started out beautifully, baby blue sky with a slight cool breeze.  Beautiful sweater weather!

I pulled out a bag of seed potatoes, my camera, Uriah and a shovel, while humming the theme song to, Green Acres. The dirt was soft enough to play in and the winds mild enough so I wouldn’t get dirt in my eyes:-)  Today, with Uriah’s help I intended to turn over a section of the garden that I designated, The Potato Plot.

Uriah watched as I carefully I peeled back the tarp.  Last fall I had covered a section of grass, which would allow everything under the tarp to turn brown making it a lot easier when I dug up area for planting.   The section was perfect!  After turning over the dirt I sprinkled fertilizer on the top.  Miracle Grow is my favorite.   Then I added handfuls of leaves, which I had collected this past fall and saved in a large garbage bag.   

 I brought out a tape measure and a knife, then set out the potatoes and read the instructions. That’s when I realized I should have cut the potatoes up a day, or so ago allowing the ends to dry…  Heavy sigh!

Instead of kicking myself, I took a picture of the zombie potatoes. Or maybe they are Vikings. Great Horns!

I will back track here: A week ago, I found out that if I wanted to plant potatoes, they should have been already been in the ground.  When the weather had warmed up in April, and the ground took a deep breath, that was when the potatoes should have been planted.  

 I figured the middle of May was close enough to April and still not too late to plant. Fingers crossed, I bought seed potatoes, potatoes that have eyes that will root and have little baby potatoes. Or at least that is the plan..

Uriah is in the kennel. Poor Uriah, I won't let him dig!

With Uriah’s help I started this day’s project. Then Uriah had a change of plans!  He dragged away the shovel and the bag of seed potatoes. Then he tried to lie on the very large bag of leaves. When his help turned to digging holes, I got a bit upset..   Dirt started flying everywhere. Uriah was banished to the outside kennel and I finished up by placing the cut potatoes on top of the dirt. Later on I will dig them in, unless Uriah beats me to it and buries them somewhere else…

Cut seed potatoes are sitting on top of the dirt waiting to be planted.

13 thoughts on “A Little Gardening On Mother’s Day!~ Or, Zombie Potatoes Are Invading My Garden!~”

  1. lol what a talent u have in Uriah lol, wants to dig everything up hehe including patches u DONT want dug up lol, great story dear, and mmmmmm nothing nicer than home grown potatoes, I grew them in my garden many eyars ago, can almost taste them heheh..


    1. william,
      I hope they grow. Just to let you know, when I went back out to finish planting the potatoes Uriah grabbed one and buried it in the front yard. I bet his will grow:-) LOL!

      Have wonderful week!
      gerardine xx

  2. I loved your story about plantng your potatoes and Uriah trying to help. Your story reminds me of years ago when I had to help mom to plant potatoes. Your post is an enjoyable read.

  3. I hate it when I don’t read the instructions in a timely manner. My children have taken potatoes with eys on them and just planted them in the back yard an viola…potatoes. Throw them in the ground anyway and you just might be surprised!

  4. That is the first time I have ever read about someone planting potatoes. I know it happens all the time, but I never thought about how before. I really hope all goes well with them and Uriah has learned from his punishment.

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