Today is Oprah Winfrey’s No Phone Zone Day!~Or, Stick That Phone In Your…Pocket Day!~

Today is Oprah Winfrey’s No Phone Zone Day!

If you haven’t signed the pledge Please think about doing so. Driving and texting or talking on the phone is very dangerous. When you talk on the phone or text, which I don’t understand how anyone can text while driving! You are using your car as a weapon to kill someone.

My husband and I were in a car accident in 2004 that accident nearly killed him and now he has daily seizures and can’t work.

In McHenry county Illinois, where the accident was presented, we were told accidents happen…     And the case was never brought to trial.  We were told that if the case had been presented in Cook County it would have turned out differently.  We were screwed over royally!

That accident seemed to happen in slow motion. I remember the girl, who hit us was talking on the phone while she was driving. She was tailgating and her car went out of control and hit the cement median. Then shot across the express way slamming into the driver’s side door of our car. My husband saw her coming and made an attempt to move out of the way. He was turning the wheel to the right.  He leaned to the right as well, that move pulled him away from the door before his seat belt locked up. We were told at the hospital that move saved his life. If he had been sitting straight up his spine would have been broken when the door caved in.

I still hear the booming impact; the scraping metal, brakes screeching.

We spun around one and half times, coming to a stop and facing a truck coming us. Add in the sounds of that trucker locking his breaks, I thought that we were dead!   I stared at the PETERBILT logo as the truck stopped inches from the front of our car.

She never got a ticket!

I heard her taking to her father as she came over to our car.  I heard her say:

“Daddy, I had another accident and this time I think I hurt someone.”

That moment when she slammed into us changed our lives forever. I wonder if she even remembers us… I wonder if she signed Oprah’s ‘No Phone Zone’ pledge?’

I worked for a cell phone company, T-Mobile, they told their drivers they had to be on the phone while driving or they would be fired. Even if they were exhausted- all the Field Techs were over worked and extremely exhausted. (My time at T-mobile is a movie or novel waiting to happen..)

 I wonder how many companies have the same rules and threaten to fire their employees for not answering their phones while driving- past your kids, husband, wife, mother, sister, and grandparents! They put everyone’s lives at risk for the bottom line!

One of my dogs was hit by a car and killed.  I wonder if they noticed, or were they too busy talking or texting on a cell phone…

I could go on and on, but that isn’t what I want my Blog to be about. Even though this too, is my Walking Path.

Please, don’t use your cell phone while driving…

 Sign the Pledge!

Have you been hurt, or know someone who was hurt in a car accident caused by a talking on a cell phone?


11 thoughts on “Today is Oprah Winfrey’s No Phone Zone Day!~Or, Stick That Phone In Your…Pocket Day!~”

    1. Shakira,
      I hope you have people helping you, and are feeling better.
      Thank you for the prayers. I will say one for you too. I will grab my awards thank you!
      Wonderful! Have a great day!

  1. yes its pretty bad dear, I agree, too many people use those darn phones these days, in my training this week, all the younger element have done NOTHING but play with their mobiles all week, grrrrr in the UK if you are caught using your mobile whilst driving u could lose your licence xx

  2. I will forgo my usual smart-aleckiness and say that distracted drivers are a plague on the highway. It is now illegal to talk on the phone here without using a hands-free device, but the law is routinely ignored, and besides, studies have shown that talking hands-free is no less distracting than talking with the phone pressed to your ear. So when I’m in the car and the phone rings, it just goes to voice mail.

    1. Dennis the Vizsla,
      That is great you don’t answer when driving! I have seen people on their cells, eating, smoking and reading the paper at the same time. They drove all over the road.
      Thank you for commenting.

  3. I hate it when I call my mom and I can hear the traffic and I ask her Are you driving and talking to me? Her answer is always yes. I get mad and hang up! I don’t want to be the one that has distracted her and possible got her in an accident. I just can’t get across to her how dangerous it is and stop answering the phone while driving!

    I think I need to direct her to your post!

    No worries of me using my cell phone while driving!

    1. Heather,
      It is hard to tell a parent not to do something. And it is harder for them to listen.

      I hope she can hear you now.

      I am glad you don’t use the cell phone while driving.

      Have a great safe day!


  4. i agree with a guilty soul. i used to be so obsessed with texting that i used to text while walking and tried to bump into vehicles a few times before changing the habit.

    i travel by public transport, if i drove one i dont think i would have risked talking/texting while driving.

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