Last Walk Of The Day~ Or Pull That Off Me With The Head Attached!~

The night air was cool with a sweet, smoky smell of a camp fire threading its way past me as I stared upward into the slowly darkening sky. There were very few clouds. The ones above were wispy and rolled like the scales of a fish. They reached out and  past me. I had the feeling someone was pulling the blanket of daylight off the bed and the narrow end was caught on the setting sun. While the horizon was a dull, peachy color with grayish blue, the color and clouds spread out over head and mingled into a dark bluish-grey.

Uriah whimpered. He wanted to take a walk in the tall grass. I did not.

“Go on, Uriah! Do your business!” I pointed out towards the pond and lengthening shadows.  

Uriah stood and watched me, then nervously shifted from one paw to another.

“Come on! It’s not a trick! There’s no boogieman out there waiting to eat you up..Hmm!’

I frowned and stared between the darkened branches of the Blue Spruce.

“There could be some horrible Ticks in there!”

Uriah whimpered then sat down.

I turned towards the front of the house.  Deciding that the ticks may not like to walk the slight incline up hill so I maybe safe if I walk around the house… I can hope!

Uriah followed. First, he peeed on a few of the taller tuffs of grass, as he passed by them, then he stopped to stick his nose in a chipmunk hole and to sit on the tulips. I never understood why he had to sit on my tulips.

 I really need to get some diesel and wake up the tractor. That thought crossed my mind as I stood in ankle deep dandelions, thick and dark leafy greens with yellow flowers.  Too tall grass is perfect for Ticks, they love it. I kept looking around hoping nothing jumped at me.

For a half hour last night, Michael tried to get a Tick to let go of my leg. The little bugger was covered in soap, then Vaseline, Michael tried to shock him by lighting a match, blowing it out and touching the bug with the hot unlit end. Still he hung on a death grip with his little foot and mouth pinchers. Finally Michael announced he got it off me and with its head still intact. -That really was an odd sentence, could be I’m tired.- I hate Ticks!

A robin yelled at me from the trees and Uriah let out a long loud yawn, time for bed.

Last night I took a picture of the moon. Here it is..

I took these pictures of the flowering Crab Apple trees when it was nearly dark.


15 thoughts on “Last Walk Of The Day~ Or Pull That Off Me With The Head Attached!~”

  1. A wonderful story, and beautiful pictures Gerardine. I am so happy Michael got the tick. The match reminded me of how mom got ticks to come out. I hate ticks too.

    1. Viola,
      Thank you! I don’t want to see another tick this year. Uriah wants me to walk the tall grass and I keep saying no, makes him sad..
      have a great day!

  2. Beautiful photos!. I love the ones of the crab apple tree, the colors look so lovely. You did a wonderful job!

    Sorry about the tick, YUCK! Glad it was removed fully in tact, though.

    1. Beautiful Mess,
      I took those pictures when it was nearly dark. The flash brought out such beautiful colors I was surpised and happy.
      I hate ticks! I need a bumper sticker:-)

  3. what is he like Uriah bad boy sittin on Gerardines tulips lol, anyway naturally that gave me a giggle, loved this story and the pics, u are amazing and thank you for all your kind comments I am so pleased dear to have a job, this week has been training job next week, u take care xx

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