Poetry-I Am Ticked Off!~ Or, Tomoe Stole My Pillow~

Last night I had washed my hair before going to bed. I was so tired I couldn’t wait for my hair to dry, so I placed a hand towel across my pillow. This morning I crawled out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom. This is what I saw when I came back to bed.

I was able to grab the camera and take pictures without waking up Tomoe. She slept for three hours before she had to hit the litter box. Tomoe owns the bed after I get up. It was very early and I wasn’t ready to get up.  She didn’t care.

Then Uriah needed to go.

 I resigned myself to the day starting very early and set off outside into the early morning sunshine. Birds screamed at me as I carefully walked around spider webs and newly opened dandelions. Uriah barreled under the pink crabapple blossoms and stepped on the greenish-reddish stalks of unopened peonies. I noticed the Lilac’s flowers were still in the small budding stage in a few more days I will smell their fragrant perfume. I probably won’t bring them indoors, Sano eats everything. I don’t believe they are poisonous to cats.  But he will make a mess of them.

When I came back in I noticed the coffee was already brewing. Michael had gotten up when I took Uriah out and set up the coffee pot. In a daze of complete coffee bliss I told Michael he was like a God to me. Bad move! He kept repeating that all day. Very irritating! 

Yesterday I had heard on the radio that the Tick season has started in Illinois. Great! Ticks love me! Any Tick, in a ten mile radius, will jump its way on over to me.

Michael thinks it’s hilarious, when Ticks leap from the grass and trees towards me.

We are not amused! Heavy sigh!

Well, yesterday evening I took Uriah for a walk and came back inside. Not thinking about Ticks at all… It was a cool evening, not summer cool but that spring cold where you’re wondering if it will snow by morning, definitely not insect weather. I walked into the kitchen to get a drink of water and noticed a slow moving black bug on my arm.  I brushed it into the sink and called Michael to tell me what it was.  I didn’t have on my glasses, so it could have been a spider or a piece of dirt.  I was surprised he said it was a Tick and quickly washed it down the drain.

I asked him if he could see any more. Arms out, I did slow turn.

Leer, leer!  Wink, wink!  

“Just look for Ticks!” I grumbled and rolled my eyes.

Michael announced I was Tick free. He was wrong…I was wearing black pants and Ticks love dark colors. I sat down and noticed a shiny little body crawling on my pant leg. Then another and another…Eeek!

i have been ticked!
does anyone have a tip
a tip
       to trick
                 a tick
i have used deep woods off
and worn lighter colors
i have smashed and brushed and flicked
those little buggers
                      into the trees
                                         the toilet, and
                                                              the sink
i have danced and screamed
ran in circles and swore..
april thru june
are the days of the tick
or so I am told
i have seen them in october…
       shiny black
                         vibrating bugs
go ride a deer, and
stay away from me!



If you’re interested here’s a site about ticks:


20 thoughts on “Poetry-I Am Ticked Off!~ Or, Tomoe Stole My Pillow~”

  1. OMG its just like a human being lying there, thats a classic pic, well done, thats the bizz, ewwwww ticks, hate them, horrid things,, great story dear, but the poem was superb xxx hope u are tick free for the rest of the day and say hi to my pal Uriah xxx

    1. william,
      I never saw a cat sleep in a bed like a person before. She even looks like she’s smiling. Hard to see with the black fur.
      I tried to stay away from the tick by keeping close to the house I had one leap at me from the trees as I walked earlier.

      Uriah has on his flea and tick Frontline Plus. So even when they get on him they don’t stay long. I wonder if they have that for people? lol!!
      Gerardine xx

  2. Yes, I agree with Billy Tomoe look like a human King lying there. He is so cute. Love the story and poem. Ticks I don’t like.

  3. HA! I was just thinking you could use some of Uriah’s medication ;o)

    Tomoe looks very peaceful sleeping on your pillow, little stinker. He sure does rule that house, doesn’t he?

    I had to laugh about your husband looking for ticks, that sounds like mine. I asked him to take a picture of me in my new jeans and he obliged, but I hadn’t put my jeans on yet…Guess we should be thankful they’re leering at us and not other women ;o)

    1. Beautiful Mess,
      For a minute, I thought of using Uriah’s medicine. Michael told me today to hide out until the end of tick season.
      That is funny about your husband and the camera; I hope you hid the picture some place safe. You are right about husbands! Have a great day!
      Gerardine Hugs*

  4. WOW.. Tomoe looks so cute…like a baby…
    Beautiful post and I adore your poem!
    been missing you…

    Me got awards, tributes and nominations for
    you here and here
    Have a great week!

    1. Shakira,
      Thank you!

      I have a hard time sitting due to a back injury. So when you don’t see me, my chair and I are fighting. Chair usually wins.
      Thank you for the awards I will head on over and grab them.

  5. Love the pic of Tomoe! She knows a good spot and when you release from it, it is all hers! My cat Whiskers does pretty much the same thing with my office chair, even when I just get up to get more coffee!

    My goodness, you are heaven for the ticks! It is a shame they don’t have Frontline for humans! I don’t really have any advice, I think I have only seen a handful of ticks in my whole life and all of them were on dogs.

  6. Ok Gerardine, several years ago when I was checking my dogs I found what I thought was a tick on the belly of Cedar (one of my dogs) I drank and smoked a lot back then.

    She starts squirming so I reposition, hold her down with my legs (almost sitting on her she is a shepard rott mix weighing about 85 lbs) I just barely start to pull it out and she is really wimpering.

    She was starting to wiggle loose so I start to reposition again when I notice she has another “tick-like” thing dead even with the one and directly across. Thank god I didn’t tweezer it yet, poor dog, it was her teet!

    I felt so bad, I never realized she had to dark ones. Needless to say I don’t remove ticks drunk or stoned anymore (actually I have 26 months clean time.

    1. Who,
      First congratulations on your 26 month clean!

      Your poor baby! She must really love you to have allowed you to even try that.

      If you ever see one, a possible tick, put some Vaseline on it to suffocate the tick so it pops its own head out. Only use the tweezers to grab it as it runs away. So if it doesn’t come out or doesn’t run it may not be a tick:-)

      Safer yet is the Frontline Plus, kills the little buggers if they bite the dog. I love that stuff.

      Have a great week!


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