If I Were Kate Gosselin…~Or, Poem for Thursdays Jingles Poetry Rally!~

I am not Kate Gosselin

I don’t have eight kids

Really! I don’t!  Believe me, I looked!

My divorce was never on the internet

Or television, or in the tabloids

Could have been…

At one point I did a walk-on for Jerry Springer

I was working, installing a sign 

Across the street from where they were taping

Up on a building, standing on a ladder..

They asked me to be the jealous girlfriend

Does that count?

If I was Kate Gosselin

I would have a reality show

Dance across the screen

And hit the talk shows…


I’m still looking for those eight kids

They have to be around here somewhere!

Uriah told me
To stop being silly and
Take his picture please

27 thoughts on “If I Were Kate Gosselin…~Or, Poem for Thursdays Jingles Poetry Rally!~”

  1. hhhahahah classic, loved that, nice pic of u and my wee pal, he looks at the camera saying “not again” there better be a buscuit in it for me, grrrrrrrrrrrr good one again dear, happy day xx

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