Sanosuke Mighty Hunter~ Or, Run! Dead Mouse On The Loose!~

Sanosuke caught a second mouse. I grabbed the camera, but the lighting is very dark. Sorry! 

What you didn’t see, was when I tried to take it from him. When I finally got the courage to try and take it away, Sano flipped the mouse right at me.

The mouse theme has ended, for a while at least! Unless I find one waiting for me in my bed..

21 thoughts on “Sanosuke Mighty Hunter~ Or, Run! Dead Mouse On The Loose!~”

  1. hahhahhah wow it just gets better, what I wanna know is? do u sleep with the camera hahhaha thats what u call a professional, thanks for making my day xx

    1. justmeshakira,

      I would have sad poor mouse a few years ago. But one ate the wires in my stove and nearly blew us up. This past week I had to have my car fixed when a mouse took Uriah’s food and stored it in my engine… Now the words I use I can’t post here. LOL!
      Have a great, mouse-less week!

  2. This makes me think of the movie Never Cry Wolf. The character goes through some mouse problems of his own.

    makes me think, I wonder what mouse tastes like? Too bad Sano doesn’t tell us!

    Thanks for the laugh today Gerardine. I needed that

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