The First Full Moon of Spring, Persephone Walks With Her Mother~

Roll me an egg across the fresh garden grass

Speckled with colors blues and greens, reds and yellows

Hidden among the daffodils, crocus and tulips

Set inside the stiffen arm of a tree

I move and stretch, warmth courses into my bones

I watch Persephone walk by with her mother

Passing on the light of color and warmth

Dressed in a ruffled dress of buds and flowers

Lilacs resting in her hair rose buds at her feet

Small hands collecting the painted eggs

Hidden beneath the dried grass and emerging life

Her touch awakening colors

That spreads like golden water ahead of her footfall

As her basket fills, so does the air

With sound and scents and vibrant warmth

Roll me an egg across the darkening sky

The first full moon of spring, hearken

Persephone walks with her mother

22 thoughts on “The First Full Moon of Spring, Persephone Walks With Her Mother~”

  1. awe, Gerardine this was really nice, and what about that poor lonely flower on its own, no vases in sight lol, noit even a human standing on it, it seems happy and content, beautiful pics, have a great day xxx

    1. william,

      That is the first dandelion of the season, in a few weeks the grass will be covered in yellow.

      This poem came about because of that moon, the first of spring, is called an egg moon. Now, how could I pass that up, this poem was just egging me to write it..LOL

      Gerardine xx

  2. Gerardine , this is one of your best work yet.. I really like how gentle you are , reflects so much in your poem , so sweet and so much tenderness. Lovely poem. Love it!

    Me got awards for you, come on over here Happy Wednesday! hugs with love, shakira

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