Look Up! Spring Is Putting On A Fashion Show~~

      Yesterday and this morning I took my walk looking up. The trees are just starting to bud. And the flowers are just beginning to show their colors.

The ground is littered with dried left over leaves, brittle and grayish brown, crunching under foot. Even as the grass makes an attempt to turn green, as the moss pulls on its most brilliant lime  green coat  of the season. The main show is taking place above ground; branches are turning colors as spring moves through them. Don’t miss the show!

“In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds of weather inside of four and twenty hours.” ~Mark Twain

Within the past two hours, I have seen heavy fog, thick dark grey clouds, and a bright blue sky, that shifted to a pale whitish-blue.

A bellowing cloud of smoke passed through my house as the farmer burned off the dried grass around the creek bed. The thick heavy smoke made it a little uncomfortable to breathe. So Uriah and I headed off to the mail box and I took pictures of the blooming, Pussy Willow as Uriah disappeared to wade in the pond.

Uriah  came back out of the cold  pond and  pulled his fat tummy across the grass, this is his way of toweling himself off…

16 thoughts on “Look Up! Spring Is Putting On A Fashion Show~~”

  1. This is very lovely. I really enjoyed reading this post and looking at the pictures. Beautiful pictures. I agree with Jingle, Uriah is cute. He makes you want to give him a great big hug.

  2. awe, beautiful, sign of spring, fresh buds, a clean Uriah LOL, yes he looks like king o the hill laying there hehhe, brilliant post as always dear, glad the snow has subsided for now, but Mark does have a point lol, sounds like Scotland were u do get all the seasons in 1 day xxx

  3. I can’t believe it’s Spring already where you are ! It rained today and I have seen no sign of flowers or buds anywhere.

  4. Ahhh spring! I am SO excited for it! We had a bit of a teaser here in Oregon last week and now it’s raining and dreary. Our cherry blossom has already bloomed but all the beautiful pink petals were blown off the tree by the wind, darn wind! We only had those beautiful blossoms for a week or so.

    Love the picture of Uriah. He has SUCH a funny personality. Well it seems as though he does from all of his antics and the photos you show of him.

    1. Beautiful Mess,

      Yes, Uriah does have a funny personality, he does enjoy getting in trouble with me..LOL!

      Too bad the cherry blossoms dropped early. They haven’t bloomed here, yet. The scents and sights are unbelievable. Have a beautiful week!

  5. I enjoyed this post. I love the pic of Pussy Willows, I haven’t seen them since I was a kid.

    Uriah seems to be enjoying the spring weather just as much as you!

    1. Heather,
      This pussy willow bush was grown from an old bush a friend had years ago, that bush was planted by her grandmother. I am having a hard time getting the cuttings to root so I can have more of them. one day..

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