Thinking Out Loud~


Why is it

              when the air cools

                                          I can feel the past,

                                                                     I shiver and sigh…

The sun rose slowly, over a humid, cool and very clear moment. The air was still. I watched as two dozen Robins pacing out the yard. I was an interloper into their world, for this moment, they let me stay.

I gripped my hot coffee cup, held it close and stared out over the empty field. The sun was hidden behind the clouds that sat on the horizon, I looked up the sky was shifting to a sleepy blue above me, without a slip of a cloud.

This time of day holds loosely to a cool silence.  Where nature is kind and allows us to wake up slowly as nocturnal animals drift off to sleep.

I use to walk out in this quiet, barefoot. I would step easily around and over rocks and spiders. It is the spiders that are awake; they weave and repair their webs all night catching insects unawares in the darkness. Now those webs shimmer with icy dewdrops and I stay on the deck.

23 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud~”

  1. cobwebs look so gorgeous in early morning, when the dewdrops are shining on them.

    its one of the most beautiful things in the world with those drop of pearls glistening on them.

  2. hi Gerardine I am delighted to see u posting more often, and once more this was indeed award winning, there we are jingle has awarded u lol, loved the pics.. I was ok in the story until u mentioned the S word lol, oooooooooo terrified of them 🙂
    have a great weekend 🙂

    1. william,
      Thank you for your wonderful comments, You wouldn’t like the Sp….’s that will be pouring out of the dry grass any day now. The first time I saw them I nearly climbed a tree:-)
      Have a great weekend!

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