Poem…I Was A Perfect Stuffed Monkey~

I was a perfect stuffed monkey

Reddish fur with a beige tummy

face and feet

Until an animal got to me

Now, I lie here without arms, legs or ears

Even my tail was chewed off…

Maybe it was coyote

A raccoon

A fox

or possibly… a skunk  

Could have been that rat

                                    That rat

That steals Uriah’s food and rawhide bones

                                    That rat

that digs the holes around the kennel

under the garden, and

tunnels alongside the horseradish plant

One day the hawk will come by, and sit

Quietly on the railing

waiting for that rat to make a mistake

when he is dancing

on the top of the kennel

Just under the floor boards of the deck

He will scramble up

to look in the kitchen window

at that point, the hawk will strike…

And that rat will be no more

To late for me, I lie here without arms,

or legs, and ears… even my tail is gone

I have all the time in the world

To wonder

Now what..?

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24 thoughts on “Poem…I Was A Perfect Stuffed Monkey~”

  1. awe this is sad, looked like he needs a good home with someone who can sew lol, lovely pic, and the video, superb, but the best for me was the poem xxx

  2. you caught him on video!

    now that i know what that templeton looking fother mucker monkey hating rat looks like I will be sure to be on the look out.

    He won’t be dancing when he is caught, kept alive and delivered to you hand cuffed and gagged so Uriah can watch you get even with that odd numbered rat!

  3. Very very lovely poem. The poet has humanize a stuffed monkey and exposed it’s feelings. It has been hurt by chewing it’s tail, hands and tail even it’s face by unknown animal but it suspect on rat. so he is waiting impatiently to come a day when the rat will meet it’s end in hawks attack.
    The anxiety and the rivalry feelings of a doll has been shown in very lively way. the poem really touches the soul.

    Thank you
    Robin jokes

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