What A Difference A Day Makes!~ Or, Uriah Took A Walkabout!~

This morning the snow was gone. Not totally! There are still patches sitting in the shadows, under a bush or tree, and along the shaded area on the deck. For the most part, the snow melted as the warmer air and sunshine moved in.

Barely a breeze this morning, I stepped outside ready for my morning walk. I called to Uriah and headed along the path. Birds were fluttering from tree to tree, and screaming at my intrusion into their lives. How dare I!

This morning my walk was uneventful, or was it? Did I miss the rodents scurrying under the evergreens? Or the red-winged black birds flying over head then stopping to watch me as they perched on the highest point of the tallest tree..

I saw them all. A powdery blue sky, void of clouds, crowned above me as the beautiful green scent of spring drifted along my walking path. I was very relaxed and at peace with the day.

Uriah ran up to me, wagged his tail and ran to the tree line. He gave me a backwards glance and disappeared. I wasn’t concerned until I was back at the house, then I wondered where he was. I whistled! I called out! I walked next to the Bog Willows and tried to peek inside. I couldn’t find Uriah anywhere. I headed towards the barn and kept walking towards the north until I hit the empty field. Carefully maneuvering myself over the thick brown, flatten grass; I glanced to the east taking in the rolling waves of black dirt, empty of movement. I had thought, just maybe, Uriah was taking a stroll in the field looking for something repugnant to roll in. He wasn’t there…

I walked back south, turned and headed once more to path towards the east. I walked to the far back.  Carefully I avoided holes and barbed wire and stared along the farmer’s air field, first towards the red barn, then to the grove of trees, south.  

By this time anger was being replaced by fear. The farmer is known for shooting dogs.

I started to walk back towards the house.

 Suddenly, Uriah appeared, his tongue hanging out; tired he flopped at my feet and looked up as if he wanted me to give him a few minutes to recover from his run.

“Where did you go?”  I rubbed his face checking his fur for animal dung.

Uriah hung his head and stared at the ground.

With a heavy sigh, I started walking back to the house. A Blue Jay appeared and screamed at us. Uriah jumped up and walked along side me…

28 thoughts on “What A Difference A Day Makes!~ Or, Uriah Took A Walkabout!~”

  1. wow u had me there Gerardine, grr a farmer who shoots dogs I dislike him right away, he better never harm our Uriah, anyway back to the plot, u made me laugh, nothing to report? dont think so, u having nothing to report is like a snowman not having a pipe, a bird not having wings, lol not a chance, nice to see u back, thanks for ALL your kind comments on my blog, it must take u ages to catch up but it is appreciated, loved the picture, looks really cool, the last of the snow, well lets hope so eh, time for warmth now.. right? speak later dear, really enjoyed todays post xx

    ps hows the wee one settling in?

    1. william,
      Thank you for your wonderful comments. Yes it does take me forever to play catch up with the comments; I need to find a schedule, and a better back.

      The little guy took a tumble today when he tried to steal Michael’s sandwich. He is still too little to do the acrobatic leaps the older cats can handle.

      Hope you are doing well.
      Gerardine xx

      1. thanks for telling me about the link for the basket Gerardine, in my excitment I forgot to check that out, very important as the money needs to build, thanks a lot, have a great day xx

  2. Uriah reminds me of a naughty toddler. He runs off to go on his own little adventures and then comes back looking too cute to be angry with. I love it! I am glad he came back and didn’t have a run in with the farmer. How scary! Be good Uriah!

  3. Hi Gerardine…Thanks for visiting…I like your blog as well..it seems to offer a peaceful setting and to make me want to go out and notice the nature around me..! Uriah sounds like a wonderful friend..I have 2 dogs my self so I understand.. Have a beautiful day..!!

  4. WOW! I can’t believe you have a nearby farmer that shoots dogs. That is horrible. Hopefully you’re frolicky Uriah stays out of his sights and out of trouble. Glad he came back.

    ICLW #33

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