Winter Edges Out As The Vernal Equinox Nips At It’s Heels~

Yesterday I opened my curtains to a heavy snow storm. I stood at the window for a second, then turned away to make a cup of coffee. When I came back the hallucination was still out there.

The day before it was in the middle sixties, warm sunshine, trees budding, birds singing out ,”Spring! Spring!” 

This was a big surprise; I knew the temperatures were dropping. When I took Uriah out for his nightly walk I had felt the cold air moving in.  But I didn’t expect this! Three to four inches of snow on the deck and a beautiful holiday scene cascaded down in front of me.

 I needed another cup of coffee.

Uriah ran outside happy. Very happy! He loves the snow. I pulled on my boots and zipped up my coat.  Grumbling, I grabbed my knit hat, shoved it on my head and walked outside.

The snow was perfect for snowmen, snow angels and snowball fights. None I planned on making or getting into.

The birds were silent in the heavy snowfall. The water on the path had drained off.  With the coating of snow, my boots never touched the mud.

Directly in front of me a mole popped out of the snow. He was very surprised to see me; even more so when Uriah grabbed him and tossed him up like a squeaky toy. Ouch! Quickly, Uriah stepped back afraid that the mole was going to bite. The mole never got back up…

Today- the sun came out and started melting the snow on the deck. Water poured into the outside dog kennel. Uriah sat out in the yard in the sun and watched the snow disappear over the chipmunk holes.

 I shuffled over to the garden and pointed at the large hole next to the dog kennel. “Stare at this hole!”  I poked the soft dirt with my ski pole. “And when he comes out, toss him up in the air!” 

Uriah glanced at the rat hole.  With a heavy sigh he walked back to the chipmunk hole and sat down and waited.

26 thoughts on “Winter Edges Out As The Vernal Equinox Nips At It’s Heels~”

  1. omg dear still getting snow, how weird when yesterday it was warm lol, and I thought the UK weather was weird lol, great post, someday Uriah will take an interest in those pesky rats and bark them out lol, nice pic as always and great story xx

  2. Sorry it has taken me so long to get here.

    The hallucination was still out there! LOL! Sorry your still getting snow, hopefully it will be over soon.

    Uriah doesn’t seem to mind and having a blast watching and waiting for the critters (only) where Uriah wants to.

  3. Oh I’d kill for your weather, want to swap?? We’re hoping that a big thunderstorm with a big downpour of rain hits this arvo because in 3 months (nearly 4!) we’ve had just 0.2mm of rain!!

    I could sit and stare at that pic all day lol


  4. A wonderful piece! We’ve had similar erratic weather where I’m from. It was near 60 for a few days until the temps dropped and then a light snow, followed by a morning of flurries! Have an awesome week 🙂

  5. I am so hot lately (another discomfort I can blame on the twins), I want to run out and enjoy your snow! Such soothing, cooling photos. 🙂

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