This Bird~Poem For Jingles Thursday Poets’ Rally~

This bird

now featherless

its coat dropped carelessly

in a pile, under a leafless tree

on a patch of washed-out grey leaves

one could hope he forgot where he left them

if not, their velvety softness will be reused in a nest

for warmth, and comfort with instructions on hunting

                                                                                    This bird…

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46 thoughts on “This Bird~Poem For Jingles Thursday Poets’ Rally~”

  1. I have written a poem from a woman’s perspective finally being able to truly understand what a real woman is on all of her levels. I invite you to and please let me know what you think.

    1. 1markt

      I loved the poem, that line
      “Like the smell of your perfume, and those jeans you wear so well.”
      for me, this one line kept me reading.
      Great poem I will return.

      1. Gerardine I have a couple of observations, 1) that you have taken the time it seems to answer everyone who comments 2) the naturalness and unpretensious manner of our post. One can take it for what they want but no one is forced to look deep if they are not inclined.
        I spent some time in Indiana, and the pictures remind me of there. 3) Thank you for your great comments to me and on the writing.

        I did not have the idea that you were such a popular artist and writer and I am very happy to be able to state tat you have read some of my work and thought well of it. I really like your work and I like Uriah, take care and now I will return to read some more.
        Marcus T.

        1. 1markt,
          Thank you! Yes, I want everyone to know I enjoy their comments and I really love that they take time to stop by.
          Please stop by anytime, I will head over to your Blog.

  2. simply gorgeous banner. what a photograph.

    I loved your poem, the silver-lining in dark cloud. its beautiful and so very true. some other bird will pick them up and build his nest with them.

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