Something Was In The Fog~Or, Take Bets On Who Pees First!~

This happened two nights ago…

It was only eight o’clock at night. I needed to bring Uriah inside. He was still outside in his kennel.  

A couple hours earlier I tried to coax Uriah in the house. But he wanted to sit outside. With the sun setting, coyotes would be coming closer to the house, so I locked him inside his kennel.

It was time to bring him inside. I flicked on the outside light and without waiting for the light to come on I stepped out the garage door.  I was met by a wall of darkness. I looked down at my hands and could barely see them. A heavy fog had settled in close to the ground, which caused a curtain of blackness to fall over everything. Silence assaulted my senses. For a second I contemplated going back into he house until the lights came on.  I shook off the uneasy feeling and clutched my ski pole.  

I walked forward, then turned to the right and headed around the back of the house towards the dog kennel. I hesitated again! The silence was over powering! I called to Uriah. He didn’t answer.  I looked up at the light; it was taking its time turning on. Maybe the dampness or the cold air was the reason.  Or maybe I was being paranoid!  It takes time for that light to heat up.  I couldn’t hear anything moving around out there in the dark. But something felt wrong.

I laughed off a trickle of fear and called to Uriah. He didn’t make a sound. Something else did in that heavy darkness! An odd, growl and movement, then the sound of a branch breaking came from the direction of the apple trees.

I stopped and peered into the foggy blackness. Silence! A deep heavy silence!  

I told myself, if there was something out there I should be able to hear it again and there wasn’t a sound anywhere around me.

“Hey Uriah! I really think I should have waited for the light to come on.”  He didn’t answer me.  I knew he was alright, I was talking to him through the window earlier; as it got colder I closed the window and watched him as he stared out into the yard.

I shuffled to the kennel door, opened it. Uriah stood there watching me but didn’t make a move to leave.

I stood at the open door and waved at him to leave.  “Come on! You have to come inside!” 

Uriah turned away from me and stared out into the yard towards the apple trees. He was pacing in place.

I turned and looked out over the wall of blackness. A chill ran up my spine and I fought the urge to step into the kennel with Uriah and close the door. Not a smart move! I would be locked outside, not inside the house.

Then I just made a bad mistake!  I allowed fear to creep around me…

Animals can smell fear. Uriah came up to me and leaned against my leg. Great! He was nervous too…

“Ok, here’s the plan. We walk out of here. You pee! We get into the house fast! Just pretend we don’t think anyone is watching us.”

Brave Uriah whimpered and looked out towards the apple trees, again..

I muttered. “That’s not helping!”

 I coaxed Uriah out of the kennel. He stayed as close  to me as he could get -behind me and under my coat.  I didn’t like this situation…

Then I got mad…

“Alright! Whoever is out there, get the hell out of my yard!”  Uriah perked up immediately and walked in front of me and wagged his tail.

Then I heard a clinking sound, similar to tags on a dog collar. I thought I was imagining that sound.  But Uriah’s head turned to the sound as fast as I had. It came from the apple trees…

I yelled out into the darkness and stepped forward. “Uriah are you going to pee now?”  Then I turned towards the driveway and started to walk.

Uriah followed. I stopped, he urinated and we slowly waked back to the garage.

I kept thinking. “I am not afraid!” Still, I could feel that tickle of fear creep up again. Fear is one scent I really didn’t want to send that out into the yard.  Once an animal catches a whiff of fear, he will attack. I was so glad there wasn’t a wind and we were nearly in the house. And I wasn’t sure what type of animal was out there watching..

Uriah pushed past me and was inside before I had the door fully open.

14 thoughts on “Something Was In The Fog~Or, Take Bets On Who Pees First!~”

  1. Its only natural being out in the wilderness and quietness u are going to become unsettled and much more aware than we city folks are because noise is natural, the peace there can be offset by the rustling of bushes and steps of animals walking around, I am sure Uriah would protect u should that danger be evident, he is your saviour, but I can understand why u felt uneasy.
    I was always going to ask u about that re Uriah being outdoors 24/7 but you answered it, he goes into the house at night, the kennel is there as his outside home, its like all good storys, the answer is always there if you look, loved the picture, even at nighttime u still pull off a great pic, well written and thank you for sharing, this blogging world would not be the same without YOU in it xx

    1. william,
      Uriah use to spend more time in the outside kennel when his brothers were alive, and then only when it was a nice night, or if I was working.

      Now, He is inside every night, sometimes he complains, (mostly every night) I win that fight.

      I believe he would at least growl if something attacked:-)

      Uriah wasn’t the guard dog of the three; he would stand back while Samson used his 140 lbs to warn away harm. Zeus at 80lbs and all muscle would chase animals away.

      Uriah no longer has his backup and he gets nervous.

      I love connecting with everyone and Blogging wouldn’t be the same without you either:-)

      Gerardine xx

      1. brilliant gerardine, he doesnt look nervous lol, but im glad he isnt stuck in that kennel, I hate people who keep dogs locked up or caged grrr makes my blood boil, never thought for one micro second u did, thanks for the kind comments on my blog, we hardly see u now, thats not good enough, LOVE your top banner thats really nice… take care dear xx

    1. Beautiful Mess,
      I never found out what was out there, fine by me.

      I was scared; I could be outside days on end and not get that odd scared feeling. I don’t question it, I get inside fast! I saw a lot of horror movies -I’m not going to check out anything in the dark…LOL!

      HUGS* Gerardine

  2. SOMETHING WAS IN THE FOG…What a marvelous, kinda creepy story. I felt the chill of the fog and the fear right along with you. Absolutely a fantastic story and I’ll bet you and Uriah were very happy to get into the house after such an experience. You wrote it so well with fabulous imagery. A truly great write!

  3. awesome story Gerardine! I’ve had many of those nights. Where I live there are raccoons, dear, nutria, possums, and turkeys. I have two dogs ( cedar and sage ) but trouble always happens when I let them investigate.

    The worst was when a raccoon was making so much noise in my garage i thought it had to be a person. I warned them 3 warnings to leave but raccoon’s don’t speak english ( maybe they were Canadian ) LOL still thinking it was human I let the dogs into the garage. BIG MISTAKE, everything that wasn’t bolted to the floor came crashing down and it was the loudest ruckus I’ve ever heard. Broken glass everwhere pain in the ass to get the garage door open to let the raccoon out.

    Now I always have to investigate on my own.

    I love where put the exclamation points “Maybe the dampness….. Or maybe I was just being paranoid! “

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