Jingles Thursday Poets’ Rally ~ Blueberry Jelly..

Blueberry Jelly


Gerardine Baugh©9/2008


Blueberry jelly

Splattered across the table,

Ingrained in the rug

Flowing patterns spattered on the wall

Sitting in the corner, I watch

The spray, of bluish purple

Fly across the room

Slightly worse than spaghetti sauce

In the way it stains

In a way it is artistic

Blueberry jelly, relished

As an adornment,

A tasty goop of sweetness

Slathered on bread, toasted and buttered

None other than a child’s

face covered in blue

Hands sticky sweet, pulling at tuffs of hair

Stupefaction in the moment

Take not my blueberry jelly

and wash it down the drain

Let’s play sticky games on the walls

The rugs

The doors

The dog

for he will join in and clean

with tickling delight

That giggling face, hands and feet

Both will sit without quandary

reveling in the delight of

Blueberry jelly…


I had written this for my writers group in September 2008
Now I am posting it again for Jingles Thursday Poets’ Rally Complete with the original picture used at the writers’ site.http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/03/10/thursday-poets-rally-week-9-march-11-17-2010/    


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