Poetry Thursday~ Fire And Ice In March~Watching~


A cold March night

changes clothes

from mornings


to daylights


to sunsets


Back to black


A blood red sky shifts

into darkness as I stand

outside at sunset


Fantasy in light

reflecting the horizon

red fire and blue ice


I wrote this for, Jingle’s Poetry Thursdays.  I missed last weeks and did not want to miss this weeks.


I used the picture I took tonight at sunset. I loved how this one turned out, even as my hand shook slightly.  Of course, Uriah has to be in on the sunset pictures.

Do you see a poem inside this picture? Or maybe there is one right outside your door.

Have a great day!!

26 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday~ Fire And Ice In March~Watching~”

  1. beautiful!

    please take an award from my Rally post and add it to your poem post here,
    after u find 12 poets u like, add the 12 poets and offer them the award u choose.
    the award from my post is for Rally previous participants only, thus check out links in my list,
    let them know that it is a one time award, not to pass on.
    Happy Thursday!
    welcome in.

      1. as a participant, u r given one of the five, u pick one u like most….then u give it to 12 blogs that u like…
        amazing play with colors in nature.
        beautiful poem!

  2. Thank you for visiting me, Gerardine. We have been having lovely clear mornings here when I walk my dogs in the Michigan U.P., north of Wisconsin.
    Ray (Krispy Kreme) Sharp

  3. awe look at URIAH lol loved that pic, and as always you take us on a trip, we forget the cold, the worries everything when we come here, its amazing, you are one of my most fav writers and coming here makes my day xx

  4. You have of way of expressing your thoughts that make me “see” what you see. 🙂 Thanks! I love your photos!

    As the Sun set’s in the horizon
    I am thankful for this day
    I can only imagine the beauty I will see
    Tomorrow, when I come out to play!

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