My Walking Path In The Sky~

The sun has been shining the last two days. Soft white, feathery streaks of clouds drift above me in that blue, blue sky.  I sent out a few pictures to a local weatherman, and asked him what type of clouds I was seeing?  His answer:

“The straight lines appear to be jet contrails that are starting to feather out because they’re getting old.  There also appear to be high cirrus clouds as well.”
I slip past you  
Riding the sky
Short wavelengths
Dip me in bright blue
Pictures in white, form
My Walking Path on the wind..

What do you see, when you look up?

7 thoughts on “My Walking Path In The Sky~”

  1. omg, you would think it cant get any better then you stumble apon even nicer pics that sky is adorable, im jealous, the poem was so beautiful , you have outdone yourself Mrs this time, I see rivalry brewing between you and your daughter with the pics, a bloody battle enfolding before our eyes, doesnt look pretty lol..excellent 🙂

    1. william,
      LOL! Thank you! I tell her, there is room for everyone, because my finger prints are different than her’s.

      I was surprised at the color of that sky. Mother Nature puts on such a beautiful show. I can’t wait to capture sunsets and sunrises, when it warms up just a little more. xx

  2. Lovely, I see a beautiful blue sky w/ possible jet contrails & definitely cirrus clouds! Your poem is lovely.

    I’ve missed you, although I’ve been away also w/ sickness & injury. All’s better, but still a little stressful. I have a boot for a stress fracture in my foot & can’t drive.

    However, I wanted to say I believe these photos show some of your walking path, and it is exactly as I pictured it!! I thought that was so cool. Obviously your imagery is accurate, or my intuition, or both!

    Hope all is well!


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