Amid Winters White, Cardinals Sing To Each Other~

From my kitchen window, I spotted a half dozen red Cardinals flitting from tree to tree. I had to try and get them on film.

I pulled on my heavy coat and boots, hat and gloves and trudged out to the trees.   

What I didn’t realize, that trying to pinpoint a small bird in bright sunlight by looking into a small view screen is pretty much impossible.  The only way I knew for sure, I had captured a picture of the birds, happened after I downloaded the pictures on my computer.   

I stood in the snow next to the fence as the Cardinal looked sideways at me.  I must not have been a threat because he never flew away. He just had a bored look about him, as he turned his back on me and looked over his shoulder. He wasn’t quite sure I couldn’t climb that tree.

As I focused, and squinted at the screen Uriah decided he wanted to play. And made a grab at the camera’s wrist strap, he missed, and the bird flew away.

This is the picture I captured.

Early this morning, with an overcast whitish-grey sky, I saw the cardinals again. This time I was able to take a group picture. 

Amid winters white
A blur of bright red
And soft brownish red
Cardinals sing to each other
Life is shared they call out
They have a perfect mate
A path of perfection
Whispered with
Fluttering wings
A tender touch
One, will watch the other fly
Skimming between branches, 
No doubt of its return
One without the other
Will not survive
Natures path, brings them together
I pretend, their song is  for me
Reality is, they sing for each other
And there they stay,
Hearts connected
Mates forever


9 thoughts on “Amid Winters White, Cardinals Sing To Each Other~”

  1. wow wow you are turning into a professional photographer your hubby certianly bought you the right gift, the story was fab but the pics were the highlight, glad u made it in one piece lol, well done 🙂

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