Coyotes And Crystals; Or Walk With Me And Freeze Your Toes~

Yesterday morning when I looked out the window I saw grays and whites, clouds and snow.  A small section of the sky had a rolling cloud; it was unraveling in grayish-yellow sections in a futile attempt to filter down a ray of sunshine.  

Without thinking I slipped on my gym shoes instead of my boots.  I had packed the snow down on my walks, so the path we took no longer had me wading through deep drifts. Still it was a mistake to forget my boots. I figured that out when I was standing in the snow next to the apple trees up to my ankles.

I kept moving towards the path. I told myself that my feet wouldn’t get any warmer until I pulled on some heavier socks.  That won’t happen until I have my morning coffee, and that isn’t even in my universe until Uriah was walked.  

So I continued on…

I stopped on the path when I saw something clear and shining under the snow.  Uriah hesitated, and watched me dust the snow off the ground.  The ice was solid and window pane clear. Around it the ice swirled with white; it resembled a vase I had seen once.   When I started to walk away, Uriah turned and disappeared between the trees.

I noticed that an animal had been digging little holes underneath the trees and around specific plants. I couldn’t figure out why, or what he would be after. I thought, maybe he smelled the rodents that burrowed tunnels under the snow. Except the holes only reached the frozen grass, and then he moved on to the next. The area was, too, trampled down for me to make out chipmunk tunnels under the snow.

I stopped along the southern fence line, every tree and bush was covered in a white haze.

 Frost crystals!

Usually the crystals would melt if I breathed on them.  This time, I exhaled like I was blowing out candles. When they didn’t melt, I began to wonder if my breath was warm enough.  

I held onto one branch and looked very closely at the ice crystals; I wiped off a section from one small twig.   As I watched, and this only took a few seconds, the ice crystals grew back.

I tried again to melt the crystals by exhaling on them. I watched the crystals melt. Then I watched them reform, not as pretty as the original ones, but still they grew in an upward fernlike  spikes,  called stellar dendrite.

I wished I had a magnifying glass to watch as the crystals grew.  I never saw anything happen so fast!

The air was very damp and cold, a bitter cold. I wondered if that dampness was the cause the crystals grew so quickly.

I heard Uriah huffing angrily!   He raced at me across the field!  His hackles were up as he sniffed at my leg, checking me out. He walked around me once more making sure I was alright. He didn’t even ask for a biscuit. He stopped, sniffed the air and scrapped his back legs hard, the snow shot out behind him. Then, using his hound dog impression, Uriah looked up to the sky and barked.  He set his nose to the ground and ran ahead of me, snorting angrily!   He stopped and sniffed each of those little holes, with disgust!

 I watched his dominance dance few seconds, and then I look out over the farmer’s field, towards the east, something moved, a coyote!

 I whistled and the coyote stopped and laid down.

Coyotes, have responded to my whistle and my voice before, so this wasn’t a surprise. But, my feet were freezing and my legs burned from the cold air and I was ready to head home. Not chase Uriah over an open field…

I called for Uriah and the coyote sat up and listened…

He was waiting for us to leave. 

I wanted my coffee so he wins…



*Picture from Word Clip Art

26 thoughts on “Coyotes And Crystals; Or Walk With Me And Freeze Your Toes~”

  1. Good evening, Gerardine:

    wow, are you okay? slipped on your gym shoes instead of boots, your feet must go frozen. you always show curiosity on your walking path, a vase shaped subject, things under behind the trees, crystals…thank you for showing us a castle filled with magics and wonders.

    The Sparkling Snowflakes Are The Shining Stars In You Way!

    As always, A first-class nature story, filled with giggles. 🙂

    PS: my comment go good on some blogs, while go spam on rest of them, they said it is the blogger who control it…I don’t get it, they refuse to tell me why…thus, if you feel disgusted about this spam thing, let me know, I will stop commenting. Sorry about this.

    best wishes.

    1. Jingle,
      Thank your for your wonderful comments. I couldn’t figure out why. When I click on the link I setup in my Blogroll it hits your site-
      when I click on you name with your comments it goes here-
      I thought they were the same, but they are not. Notice the second one has a qui. Where the first, this one that works, has a qiu…this may be where your problem is, or not good luck. If you find out how to fix it let me know I need to change how my name gbaugh is sent to my other Blog ‘A Writer’s Ellipsis’ I know it is a simple change I just haven’t had the time to fix it, I get tired of searching.
      I don’t care if your comments go to spam, I find them and set them out. I love hearing from you.
      Have a great day!

  2. Gerardine:

    Thank you for the honorable and electrifying comments on my blog and here. With your approval, I will feel free to come and write a comment.:)

    I asked for help before Christmas, they got everything fixed, but after 3 days, it went back. Now in 2010, they refuse to do it, they let the computer judge, telling me it is not what I, or They can do. I will have to live with the spam thing.

    So far, Pat’s blog always have my comments pop up right away, her theme is spiritual, not necessarily connected to poem, math, but it works when I comment. Another guy, who do The Power of WORDS also have my comments up all the time, plus Jamie, we did not comment back and forth much, she came and gave my 3 in a row a few days ago, after that, when I comment for her, it works.


    Let’s forget about that. You will have to live with spam thing, dear. Thank you for the absolutely positive, beautiful and judicious attitude.

    See you next time.

    Sweet Dreams.

    1. Jingle,
      The Spam issues don’t bother me at all. I love reading your comments no matter where they fall; I find them, pick them up and set them right.

      See you later.

  3. Welcome back dear, I missed my lunchtime snack of nature writings so this is two lunches im due and havin lol, this was lovely, cant believe you actually saw the crystals forming as you watched that was fascinating, and hey lady ALL nature lovers have all the equipment with them at all times and one thing is a magnifying glass lol, as if you would remember that when Uriah is chaffing at the bit for a pee or whizz lol a new word I learned , excellent write as always and glad you didnt get hurt, thanks for your kind comments on my poems/stories…

    1. William,
      Yes I really should bring my glasses I would see things so much clearer. A magnify glass would should be in my pocket. I have to remember that.

      I am still here, I am hooked on Blogging. I worked on my synopsis until I got stuck and write a piece of the blog. I am surprised how Blogging clears my head.

      Thank you for missing me and Uriah,

  4. I’ve been listening to the kream during the times I traveled through (3x week).

    Hearing about the cowboy way. Every once in a while I hear someone read some awful nice poetry.

    Pert neer cried a time or two. Pert neer called to pick up a few lost dogs found. I just wasn’t sure I was supposed to.

    I guess if nobody claims the three, I’ll call the numbers and tell them I’ll take them.


    Please don’t take this offensive if it seems to be a bunch of crazy nonsense talk.

    Where I’m coming from is sincere

    I’m just feeling a little weird


  5. Your stories always read like a mystery to me. I’m always wondering what will happen next ! 🙂 Like every time Uriah disappears I get anxious of what will happen, when will she show up again, is something going to happen to you or her ?

    1. Terry,
      Thank you. Seems life plays out like a mystery or a thriller, there are times I want to close my eyes and listen, and then I wonder what will land on my head.

  6. Hello, Gerardine:

    It is sooooooo quiet in your place, how is everything?

    I hope that you have made visible progress in what you do…
    persistence and diligence do pay off.

    hoping that you have OODLES of laughter 🙂 🙂 :).

    take good care and
    take a vacation in Disneyland while in sleep, and get tickled and giggle until you wake up.


    1. lily,
      Thank you for the award, I will have to set it up and pass it on. Give me a day to complete that, I should have added that to my to-do list.

      I have to hide those gym shoes; I grabbed them again today, bad move, not thinking!

  7. Wow, must be cold. Did you say you are in IL? I’ve never seen a coyote, although I’ve probably heard them. Glad Uriah didn’t want to stir anything up w/ the coyote today!

    I love the way you describe your experience of nature. Your curiosity and knowledge are so nice to hear about.


  8. Oh, I really miss the beauty of a true winter! Our dog is no longer with us, but I remember the days of the walk vs. the coffee. The walk always won!

  9. Take comfort. I decided not to wear boots yesterday because I figured it wouldn’t be too muddy at my new stable. Guess again. Ankle deep mud squishing into my shoes as I’m trying to muck my horses paddock… >.<

  10. Hello, Geardine:

    How are you?
    Don’t you deserve a break from your project?

    Please free yourself from what you do for one hour or two,
    that will do better wonder to you,
    because efficiency is more important
    than struggles and long time wonders..

    Come out and say hello,
    many of us care
    and stare
    are you?

    You Are The Best.
    You Deserve The Best!
    Let The Divine Take Care of The Rest!
    Please, No Protest!

    Thank you and
    I appreciate you
    for Being you
    being true!

    January 12, 2010 1:46pm

    American Central 🙂 🙂

    1. Jingle,
      I have missed everyone here these few days I sat off by myself. I am nearly finished with my synopsis. I needed to clear my head, so here I am.
      I love your poems

  11. Oh Gerardine,
    you don’t have to thank me at all for the award, I absolutely love to read anything you write, you deserve it!

    about those gym shoes, lol, we’re going to have to do something about that, lol……

    I just read your comment about adding your award task to your to-do list, lol, I don’t think there is any room left on that to-do list of yours, lol, you amaze me with all of your activities and yet beautiful stories

  12. I don’t think I have ever observed crystals reforming – oh, sure, I have seen breath freezing on glass or water freezing on really cold days (-40 or lower). Maybe the high humidity helped.

    I remember last year, in Montreal, it was bitterly cold and one still morning, as I drive the kids to school, I noticed that there was a thin ribbon of smoke / mist over the river. I didn’t have my camera with me and since it was so brutally cold, I didn’t feel like leaving the house once I got back. Too bad. I wish I had caught it.

    1. richard,
      I never saw crystals forming before either. Nature is strange and wonderful. I have missed out on some great pictures this past week, I am suppose to be getting a camera for my birthday, this coming Saturday. I don’t know if that will be good or bad, right now I describe everything.


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