A Dark Shadow Moved Through The Fields~

I’m standing by the open door looking outside; the screen is closed so my cats don’t escape.   The sun is coming up and I can’t see it.

 Outside the sky is a solid blanket of bluish grey and white, seamlessly blending into the snow on the ground.   Shadows of dark browns and black make up the trees and bushes.

The air is very still. I could hear water running through the rain gutters and dripping off the deck from the melting snow. In a musical sound that a dripping water faucet can never emulate. 

I pick up my old cat; PJ, he is fourteen years young.  He rubs my chin in greeting then turns his attention to the outside cold air, and listens.  Just the tip of his bushy dark grey tail flips, twitching incessantly.   I could feel his heart pounding.   His whole body stiffens and his ears rotate forward. He is listening.

I strain to hear what he hears.  Nothing!   The only thing I perceive is the silence and melting snow.   

For PJ, there is something out there! Under my hands I feel his muscles tighten. He sits a little taller in my arms.   His breathing slows down. He cocks his head to the right, and then leans into me. I set him down next to the  door. He turns, ignoring the screen door with its inviting outdoor smells.   For him, the safety of being on this side of the screen is over ridden by whatever is outside. He runs away from the door.  Without a backwards glance at me, he disappears under my bed.

“Silly, PJ!” I mock him, and then look back outside, wondering.

Uriah starts to whine. He knows I am awake and wants out.

I reach for the door; I just start to close it, when one of the black shadows in the field next door, moves.  It hesitates when I look straight at it.  I close the door and quietly look out the window.

Now I am waiting, watching the field.

The dark figure rises from the snow again, and moves off towards the east. Two other dark spots stand up and turn towards the house. They stop for a good minute, or so. The hairs on my neck are standing on end. 

Positioning myself at the window, I watch their darkness blend into the trees.

PJ let out one ‘Meow’ from under the bed. Then he stuck his head out.  How does he know they are gone? Or was he just reacting to the door being closed?  

Slipping out from under the bed, PJ walked nonchalantly over to me. All the while informing me in cat speak, “He wasn’t hiding, he was just checking for dust bunnies!”

 By the look of the fuzz on his head he found some…

 Laughing, I pick him up heading towards the kitchen. “Come on PJ! We need to hunt for our breakfast.”

He purred loudly…

This  fantastic sound I found on Youtube.

Donkey Kong Country Piano Water Theme Music

16 thoughts on “A Dark Shadow Moved Through The Fields~”

  1. I love the way cats react. I think of mine as a guard. If he hears something and react the way your cat reacted, I get up and go look. If he doesn’t budge, I stay where I am.
    When they hear something, they really do hear something…bunnies, other cats, birds, water…

  2. I hope I didn’t offend you. I don’t think I understood your comment asking if you are guessing correct with ‘protection?’

    When I read my reply I felt I may have been very misleading with my choice of words.

    1. dusty,
      It takes a lot to offend me, and the best have tried:-)
      When I read your poem, I was unsure what SA meant. So being a big Stargate fan, Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics popped into my head…


      This symbol means protection. Its origins are uncertain, but it is speculated that it represents either a rolled up herdsman’s shelter or a papyrus life-preserver used by ancient egyptian boaters. Either way it is clearly a symbol of protection. From early times the sa plays an important part in jewelry design. It is often used in conjunction with symbols, particularly the ankh, was and djed signs. We often find Taurt, the hippopotamus goddess of childbirth, resting her paw on a standing sa sign. ”

      The above I copied . here is the link;

      When you use initials, acronyms, or symbols it would be a good idea to make a notation at the end of your poem.
      *If you want the reader to see your words as you do.*

      The reader can then, first, read your poem and see what comes to mind. Then after reading your explanation, they can keep or change, their opinion.

      Always glad to hear from you.


  3. PJ is very sensitive, good cat. You have a very wild view there, dark figures always make people feeling insecure and scared, I like the candid description of your reactions to the scene outside your door, along with your precious dog and cat, very breathe-taking story!

  4. Hello dear…

    This was a superb wee story today as always packed with imagery..I love how cats sense that something outside is dangerous to them and they will not go near..canny clever animals whereas dogs will face anything, very wise animals cats. Plus the cold kinda puts them off going out…My wee one will not go out when its raining its a laugh dragging her out for her walk, You know Gerardine I love coming here on a daily basis reading your stories you are by far talented beyond belief…. have a nice day….

  5. Thank you for clarification. I like the way your mind works.

    Your suggestion is helpful (I am not really a writer at all by nature) I have a more analytical and critical thinking mind. It’s just that I also have a wild and never ending imagination side that is also always spinning wheels.

    SA in that circumstance is in reference to South Africa (where she lives) When she wrote telling me about what South Africa is like she used the abbreviation SA.

    As I wrote the quick poem I also had a thought of it could also mean essay. Before I knew her name my first impression
    was that she might be a Sarah.

    Online interaction is sometimes a little weird for me. Like an exercise of imagination and guesses. If often find my mind guessing what their given first name is. I also seem to assign (in my mind) the way their voice might sound if they were actually speaking to me (instead of me reading their typed words.

    It was nice to hear from you Gerardine. Thank you

    1. dusty,
      Thank you for explaining your poem.

      Online interactions and just talking on the telephone has our imaginations, wandering with curious wonder.

      It is so very nice to have friends all over the world.


  6. Man am I going crackers?? I commented on this last night I am sure I did? anyway sorry, but the mind must be wandering, but I do remember reading the story lol, or I dreamt it, a bit like de ja vu lol, this was a fabulous imagery packed piece, animals do know when there are dangers outside and I think cats are very wise to sense this, so venture back into the safety and warmth of the masters home, lovely story as always…

    Gerardine can you please change the link to my blog I have decided to close my site and juts have 2 blogs one for my friends poems and one for mine…

    my blog is now….. http://bit.ly/7KJRVQ


    1. William,
      I changed the link. I like the look to this site, I like the color green.

      You are not ‘crackers,’ wordpress will send email address to the spam folder, or delete it outright. Even edits sometimes doen’t stay..
      Thank you for your wonderful comments.

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