My One Month Blog Anniversary ~ Or Is That Called An ‘Blogiversary?’

December 2nd, 2009. I have had this Blog up one month, today. And I enjoyed writing every post. There aren’t any free downloads to commemorate the occasion, just this new Blog post. Enjoy! I love to hear your comments, or just say, ‘Hi,’ as you pass through.

Be careful don’t step in a muskrat hole! 

Today may be overcast and slightly cooler than yesterday, with the temperatures in the forties.  For some reason it just doesn’t feel cold to me.

As I walked around the back path, I stopped and listened to the small, black and grey, birds they fluttered and chirped angrily at me in the trees. These little guys jump around so fast and keep inside the tree branches it is hard to see specific markings. I will keep guess and searching for their names. Chickadee, maybe, they are in the order of Passeriformes.

Uriah kept his nose to the ground pointing out each new muskrat hole and scat droppings. I called to him and he sat at my side.

I closed my eyes and listened to the wind. That’s when I realized the breeze was moving in low from the Northwest, but along the ground. My coat fluttered and I felt the gentle breeze on my chin, and that’s where it stopped. The low grass rustled, but not the taller, dried beige tops of the Goldenrod. This wind was skimming the ground, sneaking around the base of the trees, chasing pieces of corn husks, and an odd leaf or two.

Sounds were muffled; I opened my eyes and looked up at the grey overcast sky. Today’s cloud cover  pulled in a heavy, thick silence, that precedes a storm, rain or snow.

I heard a motorized buzzing, I looked up and around. From the east, a small helicopter flew towards me, high above the plowed fields.  I watched as it approached, and passed overhead quickly.

When I looked down Uriah was gone. Little bugger! I couldn’t hear him nosing around anywhere and I wasn’t in the mood to start calling for him. I decided to continue on with my walk, he will find me this time.

I took my time walking back and as I hoped, Uriah was nervously waiting for me at the edge of the path. He wiggled into my leg to have his head patted, and nuzzled my coat pocket for a treat.

“Silly dog! Why should I give you a treat when you run off?”

My half hearted attempt at scolding him didn’t work; he just stared at me smiling. I gave him a Liver Snap biscuit.

Uriah tried to get me to look inside a large animals burrow by digging around it and crying.  Stupidly I approached, the subtle smell of a skunk wafted around me, I stopped, then slowly backed away and whistled for him to follow.   

 I walked along the tree line, as we headed back to the house. I saw the old pair of jeans that had been in Uriah’s kennel.  I mentioned them here:

They were bunched up against the base of a tree, nearly fifty feet inside the tree line.  I wondered, if  it was the coyotes who moved them around.

 Entering the backyard, we were greeted with the excited clicking of the Northern Cardinal; I saw four males, bright red, hopping from branch to branch in the old apple tree. More answered from deeper in the trees. Only one Sparrow showed his feathered features. I only saw him because I tried to look around the base of the apple tree for the female Cardinals. 

The air was getting heavier, and the cloud cover thickened almost instantly.  Rain is coming…

13 thoughts on “My One Month Blog Anniversary ~ Or Is That Called An ‘Blogiversary?’”

  1. Hi Gerardine, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, sorry its took me so long to pop over however you have come on leaps and bounds since my last visit, this is nice, good imagery, its freezing here in the UK but the blog post made me feel warm, you have a natural talent for nature, great imagination, and off course well written, well done..

      1. yeah, you are very honest and uplifting…What a gifted person you are for being here for me, for all those in your life, and for everyone who recognize you and you recognize….

        Bless you! Sweet Dreams!

  2. Congratulations. However, you seem to have started this blogging thing better than I did 4.5 years ago. I didn’t realize how important it was to explore new blogs. Nor did I know about things like NaNoWriMo, ICommLeavWe and other things. I am usually surprised to stumble across something like them.

    1. Richard,
      I had other rambling places I wrote, Blogs and such. This is my fourth year entering and completing NaNoWriMo.

      I decided to write for myself.

      This is what I love! Nature is my passion.

      I am as surprised as you are. If I could get job writing articles like this, great! If not I will still write what I love. I was turned down by the, Examiner, they didn’t think anyone would read my writing..

      Now I write what I want to read. I write because I love this topic. My love of nature must come out in my writing.

      I really, appreciate your comments. And , please, don’t hesitate to point out my mistakes, I learn from them..

      Gerardine Baugh

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