I still have nightmares over last years snow fall.

This morning, I woke up to scattered little clumps of snow on the grass. The air was crisp and cold, even as a hint of warmer air threatened to melt every last crystallized flake.

At the grocery store yesterday, I overheard so many people loudly exclaiming, “They would love for it to snow” Then continuing on with their seasonally induced amnesia.  “It would be so festive, ‘especially’ for the holidays.”

 I still have nightmares over last years snow fall.

 In December it showed almost every other day.  At one point, the snow came down so fast and heavy my snow thrower broke. I didn’t panic…I walked right in the house peeled off layers clothes and called the repairman.  I was told that I would need a specific part they didn’t have, and even if I got it, the repair guy couldn’t come out until the middle of January …maybe.

I didn’t panic. Instead I pulled out a rope with red flags and roped off the driveway.

Five feet of packed snow that was so solid I could stand on it, with three other people and not sink.  Nope, sorry I am not looking forward to snow. If Mother Nature could please hold off until January, I would be grateful.

 It might be too late, but I need to knock on wood fast!

My mail box was hit twice last year. The temporary mailbox, set in a bucket of cement, was also hit-twice. The second time it exploded.

Don’t get me wrong, I love snow.

 But, … last years snows were a little over the top.

If you add in my dog Zeus, ten and half, sweet heart of a dog, was hit by a car during a snow storm. An eighty pound black dog, in a white snow storm…

Please drive carefully this holiday season.

14 thoughts on “I still have nightmares over last years snow fall.”

  1. I love snow. Well … I think I love snow. I know I used to love snow.

    I emmigrated to Canada in January of 1971. I was 4 years old (very soon to be 5). My parents came with me.

    That Winter, in March, we had the snowstorm of the century. I rmember the snow piled incredibly high on the sides of teh streets and deep snow everywhere. It was such a change from England (where, if it snowed, it melted by lunchtime and in the afternoon people tended their roses and sipped tea outdoors – then in the mid-70s the weather drastically changed over there).

    I had waited for the same tpye of Winter for years. It finally happened 2 years ago and somewhat last year. As I told my kids, enjoy this because you may not see it again for another 50 years or so.

    Now, being in Madrid, they are pretty certain not to see it.

    Sorry to hear about Zeus being struck. Our dog was killed by a hit and run when I lived out in teh country. Found her the next morning frozen in a ditch. It was very sad.

    I am glad to hear you don’t panic.

    1. Richard,
      So sorry about your dog:-( My animals are like my children… I learned how not to panic, it makes everything worse. When I worked as a switch tech for t-mobile, stress was a minute by minute occurrence.
      Gerardine Baugh

  2. I live in Oregon and we don’t get much snow in our area. So last year when it snowed, we were SO excited. Then it kept snowing and snowing and snowing and freezing and snowing, by week 2 stuck in the house, I was DONE with it. Not to mention it was the week of Christmas and Santa hadn’t done any of his shopping *wink wink* and our vehicle was buried in snow. Thankfully a friend took pity upon us and drove me around in her truck. I am traumatized by our snow storm last year, so I get what you’re saying. I hope the snow holds off and nothing like last year happens again for a very long time!

    1. Beautiful Mess, I have noticed that Mother Nature gives us a break in-between winters. I have my fingers crossed.
      I hope Santa doesn’t have any problems with his shopping this year 🙂

      Gerardine Baugh

  3. I love snow, too. But, I really only love it when I get to be at HOME in the snow. However, working nights at a hospital that is 30 minutes away in good weather makes the snow not so fun. Driving there 3 times per week in the winter sucks severely, especially since the snow storms like to happen on those nights! ugh! For your sake, I hope the snow is more pretty and less dangerous this year!

    Happy ICLW!

  4. I live in Barrie, Ontario. It is typical to have snowbanks at the height of my head. I’ve never measured the snowfall myself. But, here in Ontario, you can still see the old farmhouses which were built with a door on the top floor, no stairs leading down from it. People think it is a funny thing. But that was the snow door. So they could get out from the top floor of the house in the winter when the lower floor was under the weather, literally. Living in Barrie for the past few years I can understand that, wish we had one on this house. I would not say I don’t like snow but I am not looking forward to the snow, or especially, the cold. Hello from IComLeavWe.

  5. I’m sorry you had a dreadful winter last year !


    SnooooooooWW !! Yes, I would be the excited person looking at the sky, wondering when oh when will it snow. Never mind that I don’t have my winter boots yet. I have been listening to Christmas music all week, wrapping presents…and I’m waiting for snow. I love it when there are storms and everyone panics and I can go on laughing because I live in the city and I take the metro. I don’t care that noone shovels our stairs and I have to jump and break my ass falling down before shoveling with my boots. Bring it on ! I have no car and I think that’s why I enjoy winter so much, no car stuck in snow, no parking nightmare, no driving in storms.

    Montreal, still no snow…I thought we would have some by Halloween.


    1. Pandabox33,
      You had me smiling as I read your comments. Even though I am complaining now, once it snows I will be the first one outside looking up. Zeus loved the snow!
      Gerardine Baugh

  6. I grew up in Chicago and now live in Atlanta. I don’t miss the snow. When it does snow here (possibly an inch, if that) everybody panics as if the world is ending. It’s pretty funny.

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