Rain Of Leaves~

leaves gold2

I walked with silent contemplation. Not a fast paced march against heavy winds. Nor an irritation amid waving flags, aimed against storming mosquitoes, just a simple quiet stroll.
I stretched upward, taking in a deep breath of cool air and watched the tops of the birch trees; their coin shaped leaves had changed from a soft green, to golden green, into brown coins that littered the ground. The sun was hitting the top branches along with the gentle wind, which brought about a subtle clapping in the tree tops. I wondered are they applauding the setting sun, or sending thanks for the passing of a beautifully calm day?  Either way the view was astounding.
A couple of stray bugs decided to interrupt my contemplation and buzzed around my head. Where did they hide when the tempeture dropped?   Inside the house the widows were crawling with Japanese beetles. Outside I can’t find one.
 As I walked off the path, and headed towards the apple trees I noticed the calmness of the corn field next door. The farmer still hasn’t cut that corn down. I can hear the humming of the large faming equipment. The field across the road was getting harvested.
The corn field next door, rustled. A slight breeze moved between the dried beige rows.  I wasn’t worried a deer would come crashing through. In hind sight- I should be.  I have seen a deer appear from the middle of a corn field in the middle of a bright warm day.  I stopped and listened. I couldn’t hear anything crashing through those tightly packed stalks of corn.
The birds were quiet.  They must be settled in for the night. I wondered if they sleep in the same place, night after night?
Uriah ran up to me, his tongue hanging heavy and a look of complete happiness on his face.  He was checking up on me, once he knew I wasn’t going for a second walk on the path he trotted under the apple tree to chase the chipmunks.

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