Time to stop searching out the ‘how to’ and write….

Last year I moved my wordpress blog to here… Then stuff happened and I stopped posting.

What I mean as stuff, first my dog died-my mom got sick and she died. Anytime I thought of writing -something came up -or the phone rang. My list of things to do got longer and harder to complete.

Well,… that needs to end.

I feel better when I write, except when I sit to long, so…I grabbed my PC and stood at a tall table. My cats weren’t to happy, they tried to knock it down. They needed something else to watch, so I sprinkled bird seed on the deck.

It worked! DSC_0310

I joined ‘Writers Village University’ and took a course.

I signed up for a couple of online classes at UCF.

The more I searched out how to write. The less I wrote. 🙁

What I did learn- Searching out stuff stops me from writing.- And writing isn’t editing and editing isn’t writing.

To get writing done, I just need to ‘start writing’ and not worry about if the scenes are right, or if I used ‘the‘ fifty-thousand-times.

That part is ‘editing’.

And well, if I edit first, then I have an empty page and that isn’t my goal.

I am glad to finally write ‘words’ on ‘this’ page.  Now, my goal is to post at least once a week.

I will edit the next post I write.  This one, I typed out quickly, without editing afterwards. I am just  thrilled to have it here.

And, I hope to take a trip around the net and see how everyone’s Blogs are doing.

In the meantime, check out my examiner pages. (^._.^)ノ