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Workin’ On My Website



I have been working on my website today. Creating backups, slowly and I mean ‘Slowy’ trudging through Spam comments. I have been checking out Plugins; then searching out what do they do and asking myself, ‘do I need them? ’

What I like about WordPress is when I search out the Plugins on the site; there is a comment on the plugin that tells me if it has been used or if it can be used with my theme.


I am trying to figure out why one thing works ‘now’ and ten minutes later it won’t.


I am making lists for ideas, for Blog posts, for pages, and realizing I need more time to write them. Out comes a scratch pad, and I start …scratching down notes. If I can get myself organized, I can set up ideas days ahead.

“I block in days / nights for writing where I don’t touch emails or social media.” ~ Julia Woodman

I used the wrong word…. Not ‘if’ but ‘when’ I get myself organized. I won’t pull myself down with negative thinking, which sneaks in with comments like, ‘you should have done this a month ago. If you had …”

Stop. I won’t listen to my negative self. She will nag me into stopping. And I really am not into that, not in 2018, not ever again.


Wow! Why am I seeing myself standing on the hood of a red car, waving a flag. (Ok, just imagine me on that car..)


I am thinking, talking, dreaming, and the best part doing what I need to do to keep up with my Blog posting and setting up my life’s goal.

“You gotta make it a priority to make your priorities a priority.”
― Richie Norton

I need to work on a short story. Right now those printed out pages are being used as a cat bed, and the printer is out of ink. I see the good side by unplugging the printer and saving electricity.

Sanosuke, Writer Hard At Work

“When you streamline your schedule by making deliberate decisions about tasks and activities that are crucially important you and identify your most important priorities, you give yourself permission to make choices that excite and interest you. You also grant yourself permission to exercise your right to say, “No, thank you.” ~Julie Connor, Dreams to Action Trailblazer’s Guide

Happy Writing!