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Taking James Patterson’s online writing class

I signed up for James Patterson’s online class called:

James Patterson Teaches Writing.’

I have been quiet, for the most part for the past few years, now I am trying to catch up with  life, walking, reading, and learning.

Which takes me back to James Patterson’s online writing class. Lesson one  I am told to take it further. To talk, write and pass on the fact that I am taking this class.

Great Marketing on his part! There is a book a  favorite book about ideas from his advertising days at J. Walter Thompson, the book is called, The Act of Creation by Arthur Koestler. I found it online to read.

Here is that link:

I wrote a short piece on my Examiner page.

I have to find the examiner app  and fix the twitter app.

I will be double checking  the first lesson and reporting back here.  The picture at the top of this post is one of my new kitties. He is a rescue cat a Russian Blue. We call him Enishi. A real sweetie!He loves to cuddle. He is a big talker and an unbelievable  climber!


Bye for now!