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Rules Don’t Apply Rule #1 Never tweet when you are drunk


It’s the thought of the times to be compassionate, thoughtful, helpful, understanding….rrrright. Admittedly I want everyone to live their lives the way they want to. By doing some fact-finding. How much will it cost? How long will it take, and where is the money coming from? Am I missing something?


On the other end of that spectrum…is everyone’s ‘crazy’… Oops! That word isn’t ‘Politically’ correct. Get over it! I can make a list of all the words that no one wants to hear…and shut-up is at the top of that list. Pleeease! How can you tell someone to shut-up if you aren’t supposed to say, …Shut- up?

{{Pouty-face, bunches of roses}}

Then there’s the ‘N-word’ that one is a biggie… never ever say ‘no’ or nitwit! Oh, you thought I was going to say… the N word. Tell me which ‘N’ word are you talking about?  I have a really big, noteworthy dictionary with lots of pages for N-words.

{{Thumbs up, Half-eaten sugar cookies}}

Here’s a great N-word:   neologism

  1. 2psychology  :  a new word that is coined especially by a person affected with schizophrenia and is meaningless except to the coiner ~Merriam-Webster

There are a hell of a lot of them -Google them if you don’t believe me!  If you were expecting some other N-word. Well, sorry.    I’m not a rapper.  Black/ white or polka dotted. Hold On Now, I am being  poked.  I have to be specific…Okay, Okay- I am a Scottish- Irish-German- Polish -American, but not a rapper. Happy now!

{{angry leprechaun}}

I am a woman who knows how to send and receive an email, unlike Hillary Clinton. I see her getting the vapors and swooning, “Bill, make them go away…” and it did. Hillary is playing the ‘stupid woman card‘ when she has everyone believe those emails didn’t have a security signature.

{{ Urkel}}

Damn I want to have money. Just to pay my bills, and some real food would be great. If you don’t know what I am talking about, then you have never been poor. Lucky you!

{{Thumbs-up, happy faces, flying bunnies}}

I like Trump! Yes, I said it. He makes me laugh. Hillary has me crossing my eyes and making snorting noises. Trump has a smart, ambitious, loving family.  He must have done something right!  {{flying-donkey}}

Rule #2 Never talk about family stuff … {{rainbow ponies, flying skunks}}

I like Trump. And when he plays the Trump card he owns it…

Now where did I put my glass of wine.. {{whine}}