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Day 3 Nanowrimo coffee, cookies and writing the C-word

NaNoWriMo Day three. 

Writing Kitty

This morning as I headed out to get the paper I noticed that Mother Nature had a party in my yard. My yard isn’t neat. To imagine my yard you have to think, ‘horror movie.’ Tallgrass leaning over so thick at your feet it will trip you up before you take two steps; this is a great place for chipmunks, rabbits, moles, and any creature that decides to make my yard his home. And they do.

It was a small patch of flattened grass, around the base of a tree. A deer lay. They can get up and wander across the yard and eat the fallen pears and nibble on seed pods, trees, branches and still green grass, poking up and around the naturally coiffed blades.

The climax of their night was scattered around in piles of clumped pellets and a trail of un-clumped pellets that shattered apart as they decided to leave the area, these trails lead off in all directions.

***Deer pellets are larger than rabbit pellets.*** Sorry I wasn’t chasing that rabbit picture today.

Is it just me or do those deer, the ones hanging out under my trees, resemble partying teenagers in a cornfield? The only thing missing from the deer’s gathering is beer and a fire pit.

That climatic party happened without anyone seeing. It was a build-up of details, which will end with the start of a new story in about 200 days.

Today’s letter is ‘C’. Mmmm! Cookie? More like a climax. That part of your story near the end, where everything hits the fan and you are in the battle that ends the story. When everything changes. When the protagonist wins or the antagonist wins. That last fights for power or life. Where the main point of your plot is resolved. Whatever your main character was looking for he found. Or fought for and won. Or lost.

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

This climax ends your protagonist’s quest. think about it, why would you keep looking for something you already found?

Just like those partying deer. Their story ended (Oh, I had so many other words to use than, ended) with a nighttime party in my front yard.

Hmmm! Why do I have a taste for cookies? At this point, I need to stop and allow my cookie hunt to happen… ‘after’ I finish today’s word count. My reward.

Cookies, Coffee and Nanowrimo

Time to work on day three of NaNoWriMo.

If you are interested I found a delicious cookie recipe HERE. ‘Coconut Oil Amish Sugar Cookies’.

I tweaked the recipe a bit. I didn’t have powdered sugar or crème of tartar or vanilla and almond extract (I used some coffee creamer) and I only used 3 cups of flour. I did freeze the extra.

I do have a full month of NaNoWriMo to get through and I don’t want to be cookie-less.


Truth be told. I stopped writing and made  cookies. Then I finished this post….now, I need to get my NaNo words in for today. My reward for making cookies. 🙂