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Amid Winters White, Cardinals Sing To Each Other~

From my kitchen window, I spotted a half dozen red Cardinals flitting from tree to tree. I had to try and get them on film.

I pulled on my heavy coat and boots, hat and gloves and trudged out to the trees.   

What I didn’t realize, that trying to pinpoint a small bird in bright sunlight by looking into a small view screen is pretty much impossible.  The only way I knew for sure, I had captured a picture of the birds, happened after I downloaded the pictures on my computer.   

I stood in the snow next to the fence as the Cardinal looked sideways at me.  I must not have been a threat because he never flew away. He just had a bored look about him, as he turned his back on me and looked over his shoulder. He wasn’t quite sure I couldn’t climb that tree.

As I focused, and squinted at the screen Uriah decided he wanted to play. And made a grab at the camera’s wrist strap, he missed, and the bird flew away.

This is the picture I captured.

Early this morning, with an overcast whitish-grey sky, I saw the cardinals again. This time I was able to take a group picture. 

Amid winters white
A blur of bright red
And soft brownish red
Cardinals sing to each other
Life is shared they call out
They have a perfect mate
A path of perfection
Whispered with
Fluttering wings
A tender touch
One, will watch the other fly
Skimming between branches, 
No doubt of its return
One without the other
Will not survive
Natures path, brings them together
I pretend, their song is  for me
Reality is, they sing for each other
And there they stay,
Hearts connected
Mates forever


Moon Phases and Sunsets


As I walked out the garage door, and looked to my right. I could see the Waxing Gibbous moon, nearly full, glowing white in the still, blue sky. It was dusk and the sun had slipped to the horizon and was quickly disappearing. Last night the sky was streaked with fury red. Tonight it was a pale defused orange color.  

Uriah and I walked towards the front pond, instead of on the back path. The path was still under an inch of water, and slippery. With the sun going down, I was afraid I would fall into the pitch black mud. Not my idea of a fun night.

 Staring into the blue sky, I found it hard to differentiate between the summer sky at dusk and this sky. There was only one cloud, possibly Cirrus, splattered over head looking very much like a flattened out tornado. Its bottom point aimed at the setting sun, while the large cone top swirled above my head.

Uriah came over and leaned against my leg. He was still nervous from the gun fire all afternoon. I have a neighbor who loves to target shot. For hours… 

“Its okay,” I whispered, as I rubbed his face. “He isn’t shooting anymore.”

At that moment, shots rang out; to be precise, six times the gun, sounded like a 22. Uriah stood up, then sat down and sighed heavily.  

“Come on, boy.” I patted my leg as I walked away from Uriah.  “At least he’s not shooting the big stuff.”

 I really have to learn how to be quiet. Two shots rang out, with an intense deep, BOOM! BOOM! Those shots vibrated through the ground.

I called Uriah to walk around the pond, and gave him a Milkbone dog biscuit, which made him happy. While the there was still light he needed his exercise. I was relieved, when he decided to trotted on ahead.

 A waft of warm barbeque air disturbed the cold, damp wood smell, but only in small pockets. Odd!  I took four steps and I walked into a cold, damp woody smell. Then, I moved forward two more steps, into warm air smelling like hot dogs and summer. It had to do with the lack of a breeze. The air was extremely still.

 All, this was making me hungry.

An angry Cardinal clicked high in the trees; another one closer towards the house answered the first. I wondered if they were upset with me, or whoever had a fire going? More than likely it was the shooting that went on all afternoon.

I turned as I reached the driveway. Now I was facing towards the house. The moon hung in the sky above the roof like the star of Bethlehem.

 The shooting stopped. The birds were still talking in the trees, and the light was fading fast.

My pace picked up as I followed Uriah to the house. I have a piece of pumpkin pie left. I just hope my husband can see my name is written on it…

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